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One-on-One Workshop with Anthony Neste

May 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

photograph of female model Emily VeissEmily Veiss I am a little late in getting this up, but recently I had the opportunity to take a one-to-one workshop with a great photographer, Anthony Neste. This is part of my life-long learning obsession, I think there are always new things to learn from other photographers and I am grateful when they are willing to pass on that knowledge.

Anthony is a wonderful photographer who has been in the business for quite a while. He has worked for Sports Illustrated, HBO (he was the set photographer for the Sopranos), and various editorial clients. He now specializes in doing Fashion and Glamor photography.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to pick up some new lighting and posing skills. The workshop consisted of a hands on shoot with a model and make-up artists in various lighting setups and locations. We used a wonderful model from Orlando, Emily Veiss, and make-up artist Tiffany (look up Makeup By Tiffany on Facebook) from Ormond Beach. Emily was a real trooper, even going into a cold pool in the rain. Tiffany gave us several different looks over the day. I would highly recommend her to anyone that was looking for a make-up artist.

We had a great time using various outfits, poses and lighting styles. One of the things I really liked was a Fresnel lens strobe modifier that created a really nice soft spot light effect. I had used Fresnel lens before but on continuous lights, never on strobes. Lets just say I need to start saving my pennies...

Anthony was great, he directed and provided examples of what the various lighting modifiers would do, went over wardrobe selection and recommended accessories for each outfit. After the shoot was over we sat down and went through the complete post processing. It was really refreshing to see how another photographer does their post work.

It was a great day overall with the only downside being that the weather was pretty nasty, cold and rainy so we didn't get to shoot  many outdoor locations. If you are interested in improving your photography skills, I would highly recommend you take one of Anthony's workshops. You will learn a lot and have a great time doing it. 


photograph of female model Emily VeissEmily Veiss photograph of female model Emily VeissEmily Veiss photograph of female model Emily VeissEmily Veiss photograph of female model Emily VeissEmily Veiss


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