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Working On New Art Series

March 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It is has been a while since I have had a chance to post, but I have not been idle.

When I completed my MFA, I thought I would never want to touch Mylar again for a project. However, in January I decided to revisit one of the paths that I was experimenting with. I started a series of nudes as a potential path for my thesis but had to pick one direction or other and at the time I felt the self-reflection work was the better path to go down for academic reasons. The nude series was title Between: Form and Feeling and can be seen on the website here: http://daryllabello.com/p102559703

I am still interested in this path, so I have started the series up again and have begun to produce new work. Trying more experimental techniques (as well as the tried and true process that I originally used) such as multiple exposure and (heaven forbid) a non-black background. I am looking for volunteers so if you are interested please contact me, note, it does require nude or topless work, but I will accept both males and females of all body types and I always keep it tasteful. 

Here is the first image to be shown from the new series... I can wait to see this printed on aluminum at a large size. Let me know what you think.

distorted photographUntitled At This TimeLooks like and old master style painting. All done in camera, no Photoshop except for color correction, exposure adjustment and sharpening.



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