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Tiger in the New Studio

September 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It has been a long couple of months getting into the new house and doing renovations. The light is at the end of the tunnel, hopefully we will reach it before the bank account runs dry. One of the reasons to get a new house was studio space. I am finally able to start setting it up.

New Studio SpaceYes, that is a black cat walking all over the white background... Of course nothing is without its challenges, while testing out the lights I discovered that the circuit used for the outlets upstairs is on a single 15 amp breaker. That is a real bummer. With three lights plugged in the breaker would trip every second shot. Each light draws 6 amps when recycling for 18 amps total for the three lights. What if I need/want to use five lights... I need to have 30 amps available plus some cushion to run the computer, monitors, etc...

I have already setup an appointment with the electrician to come out and see how we can modify either the breakers or add circuits to the room. 

the fun never seems to end lately. Good thing I really like this house.


Here are a couple of high key photos I took of Tiger in between the throwing of the breakers.

Tiger - High Key


Tiger - High Key



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