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Boon an American Drum Horse

September 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

There has not been a lot of time lately for personal photography. It seems every moment has been used purchasing the new house, managing the renovation, and actually moving. Fortunately the majority of it is almost over and I am getting to the setup of the new studio space. I really look forward to using it to produce new art photos.

In the meantime, I still have been doing a lot of photo work at the University. Today, I got to meet a very special horse, Boon, an American Drum Horse. He is fairly famous in American Drum Horse circles, and has actually been made into a Breyers horse figurine. He was on campus today pulling a carriage at the Activities Fair. 

photo of Boon an American Drum HorseBoon - American Drum Horse

a photo of Boon an American Drum Horse pulling a carriage.Boon - American Drum HorseBoon pulls a carriage at the University Activities Fair.


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