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A Little Wet Glamor

June 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

June has been a busy month. The decision was made to put the house on the market and find something in which I could have some studio space, so we have spent the last few weeks cleaning, putting stuff into storage, and making minor repairs. Now, let the buyers come and be amazed :-)

That also means that we need to find a new place, we have been agonizing over whether to build something new or purchase a pre-existing home. We are prepared to go either way (depending on whether our house sells) and have found great plans by Vanacore and Seagate Homes that would meet our needs. They are just slightly more expensive than buying pre-existing because of all the nickel and diming that goes into a new build. On the other hand, it is really difficult to find a pre-existing home that meets our needs. We found one, lost it... and have yet to find another. We have been looking at homes just about every weekend, our realtor Gabi must have the patience of a saint.

All of that has little to do with photography, except to reinforce that I have not been able to do much this month. Not all is lost though, my friend Ruuben came up from Aruba and we had a great time shooting with Stephanie, one of our favorite models. We decided to do a quick glamor shoot in the backyard just before the afternoon storms hit. We made our own rain for this shoot since we didn't want to get the lighting equipment completely drenched (that would be a total electrical hazard and a complete no no). About five minutes after we were done shooting the real rains came down adding a little water to our very green grass. By the way, the tree is also one of my favorites, an East Palatka Holly. It was given to us by the realtor that helped us build the current house over 10 years ago (thanks Linda).

These were shot with the Sony A7r and Zeiss 24-70. The more I use this combination, the more I love it. I cannot wait until Sony releases the macro lense that is on their roadmap.

Stephanie - Wet Wood Nymph Stephanie - Wet Wood Nymph

Stephanie - Wet Wood Nymph

Stephanie - Wet Wood Nymph


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