Daryl LaBello - Fine Art | Between Statement


Between: Reflections of Self-image

Each of us is a unique human being. Our individual self-image is made up of our past experiences, perceptions, body-image, and fantasies. In a time when the news media, politicians, and corporations seek to divide us it is easy to lose the feeling of human connectedness that we all share. The images in this series are representations of the self-image of others. Giving you a look into their uniqueness while leaving the images open to interpretation through your own experiences so that you can reflect on what connects us all to the human experience. The images are grounded in reality using the most recognizable facial feature, the eyes, and the seat of identification to others.  Gazing out at you to say “here I am I, look at me,” the eyes of the subject bring us into the composition and connect us to the subject.  The image moves beyond the eyes using a watery distortion that depicts the transition from the outer reality to inner expression of self. These distortions help convey emotion and state of mind while moving us inward. This inner-self is represented by Haiku poems that have been written specifically for the subject. These poems, based upon detailed discussions and written information, paint an image for the viewer that provides an ambiguous look into the self-image of the subject. At the same time the images allow the viewer to be drawn into a level of self-reflection that allows one to own their individual “distortions” and experience the connectedness of humanity. This series uses the juxtaposition of unity and oneness versus the diversity of human beings by portraying a range of subjects that vary in race, age and body type to connect us all together.

Daryl LaBello